UpCyling from RIPR Project by 3inBalance

The RIPR project was a project born with the help of Cizelia Prata and Fenix Circular. Cizelia saw the need in raising awareness for the matter of disposed umbrellas left behind on streets and trash. The umbrellas are made of Polyester and after its use are burned leaving a trail of environmental problems. Many goods were created with the old and broken umbrellas, all of them using the Upcycling concepts and now 3inBalance and DEOHAKO E PILALU are partnering to bring you those goods to the market.

All the products are handmade by women in Amsterdam and have been passed by a preparation process of selection, disassembly and sanitization, then the fabric is carefully cut in pieces with prioritization in no wasting material. The final products are unique pieces of design to be used again in daily life or in special occasions, depending on the result.

The BACKPACKS made through this process are perfect for children, as they resemble pets and teddies that are playful and dry really fast.

To look and buy the BACKPACKS Click HERE!

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