Size Chart for COCORO® Panties

The size chart is very clear:



HIP (Cm)

T0 / XXS


T1 / XS


T2 / S


T3 / M


T4 / L


T5 / XL


T6 / XXL


T7 / XXL 115,5-120,5


Be aware when you are buying a PERIOD PANTY it is meant to be used during the menses, those moments when many women present a gain of 1cm (one centimeter) in their hips lines, a swelling caused by liquids' accumulation.

If your body shows signs of swelling during your menses and your hips are between two (02) SIZES, we advice you to choose the upper size.

For example: If you swell a lot during your menses and in normal days your hip measure is:  - 100cm (T3/M Size), so we advise you to choose the T4/L Size.

In case the chosen number does not fit you, we have a Change Policy:

To change the SIZE of your PERIOD PANTY you have to:

-PRESERVE the ENVELOPE of the product;

-PRESERVE TAG (it can't be apart from it nylon thread);

-DO the HYGIENIC TRYING ON (before taking out the tag you try the new underwear using another underwear under it) and;

-Not have used the underwear.

Read more about the Change Policy

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