Menstruation is not a common theme for a conversation in our society. Adult women still do not feel comfortable with their inner cycles. So to lead a young person during their first cycles might be challenging. The first step towards this guidance is to re-access your own menarche. How did you feel, how was the interaction with your parents after it happened? Was your menarche celebrated?

The menarche is a rite of passage from childhood to a fertile person. That is why it is so important to celebrate and lead our kids in this journey of self-knowledge. In some cultures, when the child turns 7 years old, it is celebrated their first setennium. On this day, the child chooses some women to be her godmothers. These women receive the gift that is to lead and prepare the child for their first menstruation and everything that follows. So every year on their birthday, they will give a gift this child will use during her menstruation phase, or that she will use to care for your inner cycles.

These gifts can be cotton pads, period panties, a lunar belt to keep the ventre (womb area) warm, socks to be wear during her menstruation, and anything that may come to their minds that might be helpful for this passage. Usually, the men would carve a wooden box where she could store come of the gifts until her menarche.

Our society has transformed menstruation into a disgusting thing when menstruation is nothing less than the mystery that enables all living beings to exist in the first place. If there is no menstruation there is no life. It is this cycle, of life and death, we must internalize and heal. This way we can assist our young children in their path to become fertile beings.

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