How does the Period Panty work?

The Cocoro Period Panties have high-quality (Innovation and Technology inside of Cocoro-Intim). Three different types materials are used to offer absorption and the other properties of COCORO underwear.


1- First you have a layer of 100% organic cotton fabric crotch liner (material recommended by all gynaecologists), the most suitable, breathable, and eco-friendly fabric for intimate items that stays in contact with your sensitive and intimate skin keeping the soft touch, freshness and freedom. Some models are completely lined with cotton.
2- The internal fabrics made of a high-tech layer, hidden between the cotton and the external material, handles all the magical. It is material based on polyester which is developed to be absorbent, water-repellent, antibacterial and breathable.
3- The outer layer is always a piece of design to make you feel comfortable and protected while staying beautiful. There are models totally lined with GOTS Certificate Organic Cotton, avoiding reactions for the most sensitive ones.


COCORO telling their secrets:

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