Change Policy for CORORO® Products


We do not change products that were not bought in our Webshop; @instagram account; @facebook account; Whatsapp Business account; or casual Markets with the official SalesPerson of us or our official Partnering Companies or Partnering Professionals.

The DEPilalu always reserves the right to contest a change request that does not have the invoice submitted by the client.

In the day you receive your product try it on immediately, wearing under the new PERIOD PANTY another underwear of yours, so you never expose your intimate skin to the panty's fabric until you are sure you want to keep the product you bought from us.

  1. Size change for the PRODUCTS by CORORO®

To be able to change your UNDERWEAR:

  •  YOU DO NOT destroy the brown paper envelope that comes with it as a cover, as you will have to send it back with the product in case of change size;
  •  YOU DO NOT use it until the product until you are sure you want to keep it;
  •  YOU DO NOT wash de product until you are sure you want to keep it;
  •  YOU DO NOT take out the tag of the product until you are sure you want to keep it.

If you do not follow all the conditions above you won't be able to change the size of your product.



Please, before buying certify that you're ordering the right size indicated in this chart. The size chart is very clear:



HIP (Cm)

T0 / XXS


T1 / XS


T2 / S


T3 / M


T4 / L


T5 / XL


T6 / XXL



If even following the chart above you have not been successful with the size, you can change it.

We explain how:

Make a change request through Contact Us, within in 3 (three) working days you received your COCORO product. You will receive an email with the instructions confirming the change in size and the orientation to pay the shipping costs. 

If the size you want is not available, you can try another model. In this case, if the new model costs more than the one you want to return, you will also have to pay the price difference. If it costs less, DEPilalu will refund the difference.

You have 30 days to request the change, from the date of purchase.

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