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I see birth as a sacred ritual of passage and my aim as your doula is to support you and your partner emotionally, physically and spiritually during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

I will assist you in creating an empowering birth experience, connected with the wisdom of your body. I am here to hold a sacred space so you and your baby can trust and feel safe during this natural process that is – Giving Birth!

Every month, holds a monthly sacred pregnancy circle. We welcome all pregnant & TTC women anywhere in the world to be part of this gathering!

In this circle, new mothers to be, have the opportunity to support each other and re-connect with their feminine essence to embrace, honour and celebrate motherhood.

Every month we will dive into a pregnancy-related theme, which we will talk about and share in a safe and respectful space. Come and be part of this tribe!


Light & Love

Doula: Michelle Paz



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