About Us

DEOHAKO E PILALU, most common known on the web as D.E.Pilalu, was born to be a company whose applies the companion planting system to the commercial relationships where the talents of each other are nurtured by its affiliations.
This is a deep desire of Nínive Bento, the founder of DEPilalu, who immigrated to The Netherlands in 2011 and saw a urge to make a connection between the dreamed business and the original meaning of trading services and goods in this country raised by the Dutch dredging work.
Ninive sees The Netherlands as country that enchanted her for being moved by trained hands which make quick exchanges and their voices and ears used to adapt fast with the needs of commercial relationships with foreigns through out the history.
After being trained by VAHW (Vrouwen aan Het Werken) and DELITELABS Nínive has remodeled her knowledge about processes, gained in many years as a lawyer in Brazil.  Applying the new concepts in a fast paced web of women, whose want to make a change in the New World, DEPilalu aims to collaborate to a world that has already been impacted by the need to reduce the use of resources, the possibility to enhance the actions of reusing and the many discoveries made about recycling resources and goods.
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