How to become Regenerative in a society where consuming became the way of being part of it.
For the standards of our nowadays society, the disposables are seen as practical. Some of the disposables are even made of natural materials, so it is declared to degrade faster.
The practical reality shows other outcome. The sustainability of disposables that are made of natural and degradable materials, as bags made of "biodegradable plastic" isn't enough to keep us in the track of carbon neutral. A test made with those "biodegradable bags" ( shows another reality where we have to agree about:
- The wake up call of being neutral (sustainable) is gone, The actual WAKE UP call is to become REGENERATIVE.
We are studying further more to implement actions to make DEOHAKO E PILALU a Regenerative company. Join us in this new challenge. We are taking the first steps to measure our footprint.
You can also do it through 
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