I bleed every month

During a woman’s fertile lifetime (around 40 years) she is going to bleed for 3 up to 7 days every month. Even though, just few women are educated to learn about small changes that can be done in their routine and may have the power of modifying and enhancing their life and beauty.

In old traditions, the women were stimulated to take a pause and be proud of this amazing time of reconnection and reconciliation with their own bodies.
It was a moment of beauty rituals, connections with other women and offers to the Archetypal Mother whom for the honor of love gave them the power of life.

The natural and respectful way of women, the connection with their natural cycles was forgotten and nowadays. Nowadays, when women have their periods they must act like a man, managing everything plus the Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) that becomes worst when you have no time for yourself, a career, a family and...

The natural movement of expansion and growing can come just when you give your body a chance to rest and let die the layer that is not going to be used to generate a new life.

Take your time back:
Drink tea 🍵 to help you body with cleaning of old and not used layer in your endometrium.
Eat healthier, introduce dark chocolate 🍫 (85% or higher) to cheer you up.
Play you favourite song 💯 times.
Take a long shower.
Sleep more, maybe setting up the bed time one hour earlier.

The most important is to relax the body and emotions, because PMS can have another meaning, you can make it like: Play More Songs!

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