Happy New Moon and The Red Tent

The new moon 🌑

The new moon has arrived and we are going to talk about its old way of celebration by women who were living in the old matrilineal communities, where the woman’s cycle was a representation of hope in the future, love and power. It was a time were women were respected in their nature; a time when a whole community was proud of the renewing cycle, the renovation, the restart.

For the most of us, it is not a new thing to menstruate together when we spend long time with other fertile woman. For the new ones in this information: welcome to the Red Tent!

It was told to us that our menses come closer or together because our nature is to compete.
What a terrible fake news that has being spread for centuries!
Do not believe in it sisters! We do not compete, we collaborate.

In the past women gather in red tents to bring to the new fertility cycle the empowered by their connections with each other. They did recognise in each other the power of life’s creation, the power of creativity and dreaming; they healed each other; they were singing together and supported each other.

We have to stop to believe in the competition playing game.
The only thing we have to agree with is that this kind of mentality inflates just the egos of those men who weren’t taught about the healing power of a woman who knows the value of her soul, the woman who has the right to express it through her feminine fertility.

We do not need to compete for love because we are the love.

Here is our red tent! You are invited to share this place. We support each other intuitions, circular storytelling, singing, dreaming, predicting the new cycle and deep land fertilisation.

Bleed woman and do not be ashamed of it. Bleed and share your renewal for your dreams.





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