Demand a living wage for the people who make our clothes

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A campaing named Good Clothes Fair Pay by Fashion Revolution is using The European Citizens Initiative (ECI) to demand for laws requiring companies that sell clothing, textiles and shoes within the EU to take measures for sustaining wages to secure in ther supply chains.
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Wearing good clothes means the people who made them receive fair pay for their work.
But right now, most textile and garment workers cannot afford to live in decent housing, eat healthy food or go to the doctor. They even struggle to send their kids to school. A living wage is not a luxury, it is a fundamental human right. 

We demand laws that protect the human right to fair pay. We want to see a living wage for the people who make our clothes around the world.
Good Clothes, Fair Pay is a campaign demanding living wage legislation across the garment, textile and footwear sector. We need 1 million signatures from EU citizens to push for legislation that requires companies to conduct living wage due diligence in their supply chains.
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